First have a look at the Review by Inspiring Teens Magazine
with Riane Lumer and Delila Matara

What size is the EBS? How do I know if it will fit me?

  • Every woman's body is different and unique, the EBS is designed to fit woman sized 6 to 10 adult Australian sizes - AU. The EBS’s string ties make it flexible enough to fit several sizes.
  • See size chart for recommend use.

If I am larger than size 10 could I still fit into the EBS bottoms?

  • That depends on how ‘cheeky’ you like to be.
  • You may be able to still fit into the EBS, but as the size increases the front and back of the bottoms will start to get lower. But has more that enough coverage for emergencies.

Does the EBS fit woman with large breasts?

  • The EBS top is stretchable and fits most breast sizes. We have several ambassadors sized 6-10 AU with large breasts and they have found the EBS to be very comfortable. And by simply adjusting the string ties the EBS can be made fit most sizes.

Is the EBS really as comfortable as you claim?

  • When designing the EBS we spent time researching comfort as well as durability. Our test models were the real deal – genuine Aussie adrenalin junkies. They put the EBS through the wringer and claim it’s so comfy they could sleep in it. 
  • The comfit of the EBS is paramount to us, the EBS is manufactured in the same factory and using the same fabric as many well-known compression clothing brands. This assures a comfortable fit and once the EBS get wet it moulds and holds to your body.

Is the EBS reusable?

  • Absolutely! Just wash it, dry it and pack it back away into its durable canvas bag.

Is it hard to repack the EBS into its bag?

  • No. It’s very easy to repack the EBS into its bag.

Is the EBS made from quality fabric?

  • Yes, the EBS is made from the best quality fabric we could find 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex. In fact, only the highest quality fabric can be compressed to pack into its small bag.

Do you ship overseas?

  • Yes, we ship to most major countries. 

How long does shipping take? 

  • Within Australia 3 to 5 Days
  • International 6 to 10 Days

Do you combine shipping?

  • Yes

Does the EBS come in any other colours?

  • Although we have plans for introducing other colours, currently the EBS is only available in Emergency Red. But in an Emergency, you need stand out from the crowd.

Please contact us with any other questions, we love getting feedback and helping you to make your purchase as easy as possible.